Pan Professional Services, Inc.

Pan Professional Services, Inc. (PPSI) specializes in acquisitions and procurement support for the federal government. PPSI is a small business owned and managed by Jeffrey F. Pan, an Asian American. Mr. Pan has a JD/MBA from the University of Virginia and a LLM in Procurement Law from George Washington University. Mr. Pan was the founder and President of Digital Solutions, Inc. (DSI) from 1992 to 2010. DSI has approximately $15 million in annual revenue and 100 employees. PPSI was awarded a GSA Professional Services Schedule, GS-10F-116AA to provide acquisitions support. PPSI was awarded FAA eFAST DTFAWA17A-00054 for Business, Administration and Management.


PPSI is committed to providing our commercial and government clients the highest quality acquisition support services and a good value and will avoid all conflicts of interest.